These 3 Wedding Vendors Impact Your Photos the Most




I hear you – if you’re going to invest so much time and $$ into your celebration, you want to make sure the photos you look back on to remember these moments reflect every penny. Saying yes really is the easiest part, but hopefully these tips will make the rest of it a little easier too!

#1 – HMUA (Hair & Makeup Artist)

A huge influence on how your photos will look depends on how YOU do, so your HMUA is key in creating that dream hair / makeup combo you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest for months. 

Make sure you research their work – look for folks with similar skin tones, hair texture, face shapes. Do you see yourself represented, and do you see your vision in their portfolio? These are important questions to ask.

HMUA Recommendations:

#2 – Florist

Your wedding flowers accent how beautiful you are. It’s like the purse to your whole day – while not the main focal point, it accessorizes and enhances what’s already there!

Choose a florist who has a style similar to what you’re envisioning for the vibes. Also note that some flowers will be in season while others are not, so make sure you check and ask for their expertise!

Florist Recommendations:

#3 – Photographer

Probably the most obvious haha, but your photographer is going to capture all of the above as one harmonious piece.

Look at their portfolio (ask for them to show you a couple of full galleries) and study how they shoot in different lighting, what venue environments they’re familiar with, what their flash settings look like if your reception is indoors, etc.

Your photographer is one of the vendors you will spend the most time with on your wedding day as well, so vibing with them can also influence how comfortable you feel the entire day. 

Photographer Recommendations: hiiii it’s me! 🙂

(BONUS) Videographer Recommendations: