4 Shots to Try On Your Wedding Day



More likely than not you have a pretty good vision of what you want captured on your wedding day – the first kiss, detail shots of the dress, your partner’s reaction after seeing you look so good.

Here are a few more ideas to throw in to the mix!

#1 – Stop In The Aisle For Another Kiss

The first kiss takes the cake but who hasn’t heard of seconds?? This shot provides a unique view of you and your guests in one photo. Plus it’ll make that walk down the aisle and just married butterflies last a little longer.

TIP: Coordinate with your photographer beforehand if this is something you’d like to do!

#2 – Take A Look At The Reception Space Beforehand

A friend of mine shared how her wedding day was top notch and a blur all at the same time. Give yourself some time to enjoy months of planning before the wonderful craziness of the day.

#3 – Have Bags of Petals Ready for Guests to Toss During The First Kiss

This is such a fun way to get everyone involved and create some beautiful photos sans rice. You can have little baggies of compostable flowers or confetti ready for guests to pick up on their way into the ceremony site. Once you start walking down the aisle, the can toss them at you!

It’s a fun way to get everyone involved in literally showering you with love.

#4 – Play Hooky During Cocktail Hour for Bridals

Weddings are lovely and wonderful and also go by so quick! Leaving the venue to take bridals elsewhere gives you a chance to breathe in some time together, and provides ample photo opportunities if that’s important to you.

We drove ten minutes away down to San Clemente Pier for these and it was suuuper worth it.

Couple: Heaven + Kopo Location: San Clemente, CA