7 Best Wedding Venues in Southern California



…according to me haha. Your venue is so key in creating your dream vibes for your wedding! Searching for the right one can be tough, so I’ve put together a list of my favorites for you to hopefully help narrow down that search.

#1 Palisades Gazebo Park, Dana Point

A perfect setting for a more intimate guest count, this gazebo rests inside a neighborhood with an ocean overlook – super romantic. Guests can easily park on the side of the street and walk up to the gazebo. 

It’s also 5 minutes away from the beach in case you’d like a different setting for more family and bridal pictures. 

#2 Pelican Point Picnic Area, Newport Beach

Dancing barefoot in the sand while watching the sun set over the horizon? Heck yes! This hidden gem is located inside Crystal Cove State Park, with an area and seating for the ceremony already in place, and room to hang up some lights and set up the perfect reception area a few feet away. 

Parking can get a little crowded as guests roll in, and you will have some beach go-ers/hikers passing through. Roping the walkway and putting signs up can help others know there’s an event going on!

#3 Glen Ivy Golf Club, Corona

If you want Hawaii vibes in your photos without booking the flights (so you can save those for the honeymoon) this is your jam! The ceremony is usually set up right outside the reception doors, with the reception area being inside the building so it’s super easy to get from one place to the next.

After the ceremony, a golf cart will take you around the grounds and drop you off at various spots, including these beautiful green hills. They do cut the time a little short, so don’t be afraid to ask for more if that’s important to you!

#4 Dana Point Yacht Club, Dana Point

Let’s map this out – you start the events of the day doing your first look and then meeting up with your bridal party for photos at Ocean Institute Beach. The sun is shining, the vibes are off the chain, and you look so dang good!

Then everyone heads over to the Dana Point Yacht Club where you have the purest ceremony (tears are shed) and dip out during cocktail hour for photos on a DPYC member’s boat.

That’s what this couple did and I gotta say, they were on to something. 

Note that the ceremony area is a little small, so I’d say it’s ideal for around 75 guests to sit comfortably. They do have extended seating available, but your guests won’t be able to see you as well!

#5 La Ventura, San Clemente

This has to be my all-time favorite venue, and one I’d pick as a bride. 

Here’s why: the staff is incredibly helpful, the bridal suite is big, the backdrop for the ceremony is Spanish-style ceramic tile, there’s a wall of potted plants, the reception area is spacious (so lots of room for dancing and guests and dancing guests), the beach is less than 10 minutes away for photos…shall we go on?

Honestly I can’t recommend this venue enough because each time I’ve been a vendor there has been a delight. Imagine as a couple?? Red carpet treatment baby. 

#6 Hidden Valley Picnic Area , Joshua Tree National Park

If you want to save on venue costs and get married in the big beautiful outdoors, this is for you! This is a guest friendly area of Joshua Tree as there is a lot more parking than just pulling off to the side of the road or in a campground.

There are beautiful sites right next to parking so you can easily load/unload florals, people, etc. TBH you don’t need to decorate very much here because the land speaks for itself.

There’s not a ton of service in the park, so communication and timelines beforehand will be key! Or just have the wedding party caravan in together.

#7 The Estate at Via Las Palmas, Thousand Palms

The huge perk of this venue is that it’s quite literally an estate – so if you’re wanting to spend your wedding weekend having a sleepover with your closest friends and family, this choice is PERFECT. There are plenty of rooms to stay and get ready in, with a large kitchen and living room area for pre-wedding hangs.

The backyard is perfect for a ceremony set up, with a bar, reception area and pool in case you want to dive in at the end of the night! Honestly I was amazed at how much you could fit in the back and it never felt crowded (there was even a VW Bus with a photobooth).

Note that it is the desert so of course it’ll be hot during summer/fall! This couple gifted fans to their guests and had water on deck to help keep cool.